"I Have Too Many Candle Holders" - Said No Person Ever!

"I Have Too Many Candle Holders" - Said No Person Ever!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Can you have too many tea lights? Of course not.

Who doesn't love a good candle? Nothing beats the warming glow of cande-light, preferably along with a nice hot chocolate, a cosy blanket, and good company. The Danes even have a word for this - "Hygge", which describes a particular mood of cosiness and conviviality. We may have long ago replaced candles as our main source of light, but we still use them the world over - you just can't beat a candle.

But let's not put our candles anywhere. Apart from wax going all over your favourite side table, they look a bit lonely sat their on their own. What do we suggest? Place them in a lovely candle holder from The Scaff Shop of course!

We have them to fit single tea lights, or in sets of 3 and 7. We also offer a choice of finishes and an option of square or rounded corners. There's something for everyone. We may be a bit biased, but we think they're awesome.

If you're looking for a last-minute Christmas gift then get a few ordered now, we can still ship them to you in time. The smaller ones are ideal as stocking fillers or grab a bigger one for a main present.

Or if you don't see this until after Christmas then there's plenty of other occasions for them! We're thinking Valentines Day.... I'm pretty sure a few tea lights, a mix-tape, and some booze is still the way to anyone's heart, right?

Check them out in our new "Bits and Bobs" product category. You'll also see our new Charcuterie Board there too - Ideal for charcuterie, they look best piled high with cooked meats or sushi, but will also happily carry anything else from fruit and cheese, to a row of drinks or breakfast in bed.


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