New Product - "Suspense" Shelf Bracket

New Product - "Suspense" Shelf Bracket

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Modern, Scandi style

We're excited to add a new "Suspense" Shelf Bracket to our range of Brackets. What we particularly like about this bracket is that it differs somewhat from our usual rustic, heavy duty style, and is instead a sleek, modern type of bracket which will fit in all sorts of design settings, from Scandi to mid-century or retro.

What are the specs?

The brackets are hand-crafted from solid 4mm steel and given a powder coating (also available in "raw" uncoated) for a very durable finish. The bracket is designed specifically to fit a scaffold board and therefore will take a shelf depth up to 225mm and a thickness of 38mm.

Perfect for DIYers

These brackets are very easy to hang and are perfect for DIYers. They require a few screws and of course you will need to be sure that you have the right fitting for the type of wall you have (we plan to do a video series on this soon), but apart from that they are very straight-forward to fit.

What is the difference between the finishes?

Raw steel means no coating at all, so just the bare steel with nothing else added. This is great if you wish to use a particular coating or paint, but also many of our customers love the rustic look of these and decide to keep them raw. The brackets develop rust after time but this can add to their charm and can be removed if required. The clear coat is a coating with no colour, designed to protect the steel from stains and rust, whilst keeping the steel look. The black and white options are powder coated finishes, so effectively a durable painted finish.

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