We Buy Any Boards!

We don't just sell boards, we buy them too!

We're always looking for new suppliers of scaffold boards, old and new. If you supply old or new boards then please do get in touch as we would love to do business with you. Or, if you just have a one-off stock of them that you're looking to shift (perhaps you're a scaffold company renewing your stock) then we would love to be able to make you an offer on your boards.

The great thing about The Scaff Shop is that we're able to take boards which are in all sorts of conditions and turn them in to something lovely. We can cut down twisted boards, sand away paint and cement, and even the worst boards can be made use of (see our Kindling!).

As a fairly new business with a growing demand we would also love to create new relationships with larger suppliers and saw mills, so if you fit in this category then please drop us an email.