The Camp Fire Box


The Box

Kindling, an essential fireside consumable for when you realise you've bought no teaspoons and need to stir your sugar in. Also great as a disposable paint stirrer. But most importantly, brilliant for starting fires.

This kit also contains four eco firelighters, a bag of yummy Haribo Charmallows and some bamboo skewers too (hide these away from your other half if you want to look manly and whittle down a stick instead, we won't tell). 

Our wood is untreated and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

Item Specifications

One box of kindling including one bag of Haribo Charmallows, four eco firelighters, marshmallow skewers. We send in a box to make it more sustainable - no plastic netting that you don't know how to recycle!

Material: Untreated Pine or European Whitewood (mixed)
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 10cm box
Item No: KF02

Why do we use a box rather than a net?

We made the choice to use cardboard boxes rather than netting because boxes are fully recyclable, whereas the nets are not. We're all now very aware of the problem that items such as netting can cause, not only because they can't be recycled and therefore add to landfill, but also due to the risk of them finding their way in to a marine environment. We have all seen harrowing photos and videos of the effect these can have, such as the one below. So please do think about how your items are packaged -  it all makes a difference!

Please note

- Because the item is a reclaimed natural timber, the product you receive will be slightly different to the the photos above.
- The photos are a good representation of what you will receive but each box will be slightly different to the next.
- Customers must ensure that their particular burner is suitable for this type of fuel.