Candle Holder - 3 Hole - Rounded

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The Candle Holder

A lovely hand-made candle holder from reclaimed scaffold boards. Not much else to explain here. Holds three tea lights (included).

Perfect for a Christmas present, anniversary present, house-warming and more. They look great on a coffee table, desk, or a bath caddy. You can't have too many candle holders.

Item Specifications

Wooden tea light holder made to hold three tea lights. Rounded design (see here for the square option).

Material: Wood
Dimensions: Approx 100mm (4 inch) by 255mm (10 inches) across and 35mm depth. Size is approximate and may vary slightly due to the reclaimed nature of the boards.
Tea lights: Included
Item No: BB04

Finish options

We use Danish Oil, a traditional oil which is perfect for bringing out the natural grain of the wood whilst leaving a durable, satin finish.
This is available in three colour options and one "special" (flamed) option:
- Natural (light)
- Antique (medium)
- Jacobean Oak (dark)
- Flamed & Natural: This time we give it our signature "flame" finish, where we lightly scorched the wood with a blow torch to highlight the grain. We then apply danish oil in a "natural" option

Please note

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