Scaffold Board Ornate Shelf Bracket


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The Bracket

Our Scaffold Ornate Board Shelf Brackets are the ideal partner to the Half Scaff Shelf Kit and the Rad Shelf Kit. Their decorative charm contrasts perfectly with the natural ruggedness of the board.

This bracket is designed specifically to fit either of the two shelf kits above and would usually be used as a pair on most lengths of board, although you may wish to use a set of three on larger sizes.

Item Specifications

Sold individually (i.e. add a quantity of 2 to make a pair). Includes a set of wall plugs and screws.

Material: Steel
Dimensions: 25mm width, 100mm/150mm length.
Colours: Black
Please note: The wall plugs may not be suitable for all wall types. Please make sure to use a plug suitable for your wall or contact us for advice if unsure.

How many brackets are needed?

There's no hard and fast rule for how many brackets you will require for each shelf - it depends on the type of wall they're going in to and what you plan to put on them. However, we've made a guide of what we consider to be the minimum required.

Shelf Size - Quantity of brackets:
30-150cm (1-5ft) - 2 brackets
180-270cm (6-9ft) - 3 brackets
300-390cm (10-13ft) - 4 brackets

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