How Did the Shop Begin?

How Did the Shop Begin?

Posted by Jack Cornish on

The Beginning

After years of running a scaffolding company (, I needed a creative outlet to launch alongside it.

Having lived and breathed scaffold boards for over 15 years I know as much about these boards as anyone else, but e-commerce is something new.

This is where I called my good friend Tom Pepper, and asked for his help in creating this exciting project. Tom's impressive background and experience in e-commerce has been a vital tool in the company and I would not have chosen anyone else for this project. 

We have always shared a keen interest in furniture and all things handmade. Turning scaffold boards from a functional and essential product to a beautiful, rustic addition to people's homes seemed the logical next step, as well as a very enjoyable hobby.

Skip forward a few months, after various product trials, extensive market research, and a large demand for the initial prototypes, and in July 2020 The Scaff Shop was born.

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