We've turned our wonderful scaffold boards and pallet wood in to a range of contemporary cladding options. These look great in a variety of settings, and can also be used for panelling, screening, and room dividing.

Reclaimed vs New
A reclaimed board (applies to scaffold boards only, not pallet wood) is one which comes from stock used in actual scaffolding. Great for extra character and therefore tend to be what people are looking for when they're after that classic, rustic look. Newer boards are more uniform, clean, and therefore more sought after by makers, as they are suited to furniture and other similar uses.

Kiln dried vs not kiln dried:
Kiln dried boards will have had their moisture content reduced. These boards will be more stable and less likely to crack or warp.

Unsanded, sanded or special:
- Unsanded boards are the original and cheapest option, the scaffold or pallet board in it's original form.
- Sanded boards are for those who want either a less rough board (hand sanded) or one with the bumps taken out too (machine sanded) then this may be a better option.
- Special boards are where we take the board to the next level. Here we offer options including a flame finish (where the wood is torched) or a coloured finish using specialist dyes.

Small samples of all of the above options.

Cladding FAQ's