Our Scaffold Boards

Let us tell you about our boards...

The reclaimed scaffold boards at The Scaff Shop are the real thing. If you've read our About Us page, you know that Jack (the founder of The Scaff Shop) also runs a successful scaffolding company at www.cornish-services.co.uk, which means we're able to not only have a great supply of only the best quality scaffold boards (all made to British Standard, instead of simply Grade A), but we can also hand-pick the ones more suitable for scaffold board shelves and furniture. These are not necessarily the newest, but in fact are the ones that have had the time to develop some wonderful character and rustic charm, whilst still having their integrity and strength (any with big splits get made in to kindling!).

It's the imperfections that make them perfect.


The Scaff Shop Frome


What can our boards be used for?

The options are well and truly endless, but we'll try to give you a few ideas.

Shelves - Our favourite use for them is of course as a lovely rustic shelf. For these you'll want one of our reclaimed scaffold boards and two or more brackets too.

Furniture - As you'll possibly have seen, we make them in to side tables, coffee tables, benches and more. But why not have a go yourself? The forgiving nature of the board means they can me made in to all sorts of types of furniture.

Flooring or cladding - The boards are great for either fitting as a floor or for cladding a wall. Look a bit further down this page and you'll see we've done just that in our reception.

Commercial - Along with flooring and cladding why not consider them for shop-fitting? We're more than happy to put together a bespoke quote and talk you through how you can use them to best effect in your business.


Jack and Tom at The Scaff Shop in Frome


A sustainable product

The best thing about selling something made from wood is the sustainability of it. We're looking in to how we can replant trees for every sale we make and hope to be able to update you on this soon. We are also working hard on making sure as many elements of our business as possible are sustainable, from recyclable packaging to carbon neutral deliveries. Please watch this space.


Scaffold Board Stacked For Drying