Shelf Kits - Reclaimed & Rustic Vs New in our Standard, Chunky and Picture options

This is where we offer a selection of shelf kits in several different widths, thicknesses and lengths, and with a range of finishes including our popular oiled or flamed finishes. We also offer different bracket options including the classic industrial-style hanging and propped style brackets, or a modern floating bracket.

First, choose if you would like either a reclaimed board or a brand new one. Then it's a pick between our standard or our chunky boards, or a kit made in our special "picture" option, which is a standard board with a lip at the front. Click the right shelf and then you'll be taken to the bracket/finish options.

If you need specific measurements, this in not a problem. Simply choose the next size up from the size you need and you can leave a note to us before you checkout explaining the requirements needed. For instance, If you need a board at 830mm you will choose the 900mm shelf and then leave a note in the checkout phase.

Reclaimed vs New

A reclaimed board is one which comes from stock used in actual scaffolding. Great for extra character and therefore tend to be what people are looking for when they're after that classic, rustic look. Newer boards are more uniform, clean, and neat, whilst still having the raw character that any scaffold board new or old begins with.

Standard vs Chunky

"Standard" boards are the standard thickness scaffold board (38mm). We then sell these standard boards in a full width (225mm) and two reduced widths.
"Chunky" boards are thicker than standard, at 63mm thick. Again available in full width (225mm) and two reduced widths. (165mm) (110mm)

Picture Shelf

A picture shelf is one where our standard board is given an extra lip at the front edge. This makes them ideal for holding photos or artwork leaning against a wall. The lip ensures that nothing slides off, as well as giving a unique and stylish additional feature to a standard shelf.