Pallet Wood

Pallet wood is ideal for creating a rustic and hand-made finish and can be used to create many different projects, from individual pieces of furniture to industrial-style wall cladding.

We sell the individual boards, both new and kiln dried new. The standard new pallet wood is great as it has more character due to having been air dried, whereas the kiln dried wood is much more uniform and clean in appearance. 

Boards can be bought from quantities of just one, up to hundreds or thousands if required. We offer the boards either unsanded, sanded (by machine or hand), or with our special treatments (charred and coloured). Lengths from 1ft to 16ft. Please see the range of options below:

New Boards:
- 100mm width, 16mm thickness - Unsanded
- 100mm width, 16mm thickness - Sanded
- 100mm width, 16mm thickness - Special

Small samples of all of the above options