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A Kinder Kind of Kindling

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We are now selling kindling, with a difference!

New to The Scaff Shop online store - our boxes of kindling! As always, we're focused on trying to be as sustainable as possible, which is why our kindling is not only made from off-cuts from production, but is packaged in a recyclable box rather than the classic net bag!

For anyone who has bought kindling before, you'll know how much of a pain those bags can be. The kindling constantly gets caught in the net itself and you're left with a completely unrecyclable piece of packaging after, along with the feeling of guilt when it goes straight in the bin.

Well, feel guilt no more - our kindling is packaged in our recyclable shipping boxes which can either be re-purposed or put out with your usual household recycling.

Kinder kindling

We've all seen clips of marine life being caught in fishing nets and can holders, and net bags for kindling are just as bad. Even in the UK, plastics can still end up in the marine environment, so it's essential that we try to reduce this risk as much as possible, either by making products which are bio-degradable or which are easier to recycle.

This is why we package ours in our standard cardboard boxes. It's only a small thing, but every little helps!

Scaffold boards are not treated, contrary to popular belief!

Generally speaking, scaffold boards are not treated. It is expected with scaffold boards that they will be cycled out of service due to damage, before any rot would set in that would require a treatment. This is different to something like a fence post where it is outside permanently, exposed to all elements, and partially buried in mud and soil! Because of this, it is not necessary to treat scaffold boards. This is not to say that that it never happens, but it's not the standard practice and our boards are not treated in any way.

Another worry with boards is that they may have paint spilled on them, which would make them unsuitable for burning. This definitely does happen with boards, after all they are used on building sites, however we pick out any boards like this and discard them - we do not use them for kindling or as part of our product range.

Moisture content

Our kindling all has a moisture content below 20%, often much lower. They are not kiln dried, but instead the wood has been allowed to naturally dry out in our warehouse. This is the most environmentally friendly way to dry wood as no extra energy is used.

Our kindling has The Scaff Shop written all over it

I doesn't literally...but it does follow our ethos of being a sustainable, useful product, which ticks all the boxes for us here at The Scaff Shop.

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