The Scaff Shop - Based in the Beautiful Town of Frome

The Scaff Shop - Based in the Beautiful Town of Frome

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Working out of Frome - the ideal location for The Scaff Shop

Here at The Scaff Shop we don't take for granted what a beautiful town we're a part of. Frome's reputation far exceeds what it's size would suggest - it was even recently listed in the Times “Best Places to Live in Britain 2020”.

I could spend a lot of time talking about Frome's historic buildings, culture, or natural beauty, but the thing that chimes particularly well with The Scaff Shop is the community of creative people and both the quantity and quality of the town's independent shops. Frome is a place where craft meets commerce, with even small high street shops packing an out-sized punch when it comes internet presence and national branding. The Scaff Shop is a little too big for a high street shop, so we are located on one of the thriving commerce parks on the edge of Frome, which is ideal for us a business with a whole lot of of rather big bits of stock!

Everything we need, on our doorstep...

It's amazing what this all means in terms of starting a business. We've been able to source so much of what we've needed from the local community, as well as make some great connections and share some exciting ideas along the way. As you'll probably already know, the scaffold boards themselves come straight out of service from Jack's (the owner's) other business, Cornish Building and Scaffolding, we get our metal brackets from a local blacksmith, and our packaging from a company just 12 miles away. Our logo was created by a neighbour, and our photos by a local photographer (Chris Bailey).

Not only is this wonderfully convenient, it also helps us to reduce our carbon footprint - we're shopping locally as well as supporting local businesses. We also get to build some great connections. We've been sharing shout-outs, swapping (or should I say learning!) some tips for social media, and have already sold to many local makers and general public.

Going forward

It's a pleasure to be based in such a beautiful and thriving town. Although we sell nationally, we particularly love selling to our local community. If you're nearby to us, or in the neighbourhood, please do arrange to come and visit us. We can show you our products (they look great online, but are on another level in person) and discuss with you the different options for our exciting range of products. You never know, you might even know Jack, who has spent his whole life here.

See you soon!

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