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The Board

A reclaimed scaffold board is both a functional and beautiful item, displaying all the rugged character of aged wood, but with the strength and hard-wearing qualities that a scaffold board needs to survive the rough and tumble of a building site. As such, they are ideal for a multitude of purposes, whether as flooring, cladding, shelving, furniture and more.

If our boards could speak, they could each tell a different story. Instead of words, they show this through their knocks and dents, their scratches and scrapes, all of which add to their charm and make it so that no board is the same as another.

Remember - it's these imperfections that make them perfect!

Item Specifications

This listing is for a unsanded reclaimed board. For sanded boards or styled boards please click back to our Reclaimed Scaffold Boards product category. For new boards please see our New Scaffold Boards category. Brackets not included with this listing - please see brackets here.

Grade: British Standard, kite-marked (highest grade available)
Material: Wood (pine or European whitewood)
Dimensions: 225mm wide, 38mm thick, length as per options above
End bands: Unsanded boards will usually be sent de-banded, however we cannot guarantee this on all orders. If you specifically require the boards de-banded then please get in touch before ordering and we can advise if there will be an extra cost to ensure this.
Item No: RC01


Shipping is calculated at checkout, but please find below a guide to shipping costs for your information. Boards weigh approx 1.2kg per ft. You are also welcome to collect from our Frome (Somerset) shop for no charge, this option is available at checkout.

Boards up to and including 4f t in length
- 2kg = £4.99
- 5kg = £5.99
- 10kg = £6.99
- 15kg = £9.99
- each 15kg increase adds £10 thereafter

Boards from 5ft to and including 10ft in length
- 20kg = £19.99 (except for 5ft = £12.99)
- 40kg = £34.99
- each 20kg increase adds £20 thereafter

Boards from 11ft to and including 13ft in length
- As above, but a £20 one-off surcharge is added for any order containing one or more of these sizes. This matches the charge from our couriers for items over 300cm (10ft) in length. The charge will not initially be calculated in the shipping and basket price as it is not possible to program our weight-based shipping system to take in to account. You are welcome to place the order and we will then invoice this £20 after, or please get in touch and we will create the order for you to include this charge.

Please note

- Because the item is a reclaimed natural timber, the product you receive will be slightly different to the photos above, and may have various dents, cracks, and knots.
- We make sure that all of our boards are carefully selected so that they both look great and are structurally sound. They are always free of paint.
- The photos are a good representation of what you will receive but each board will be slightly different to the next.
- The colour will also vary according to the screen it is displayed on.
- If using boards to make furniture, please make sure the moisture content is suitable at the time of making. It may be necessary to further season the wood depending on the project. For further advice, please get in touch.

Cutting service

We do not charge any extra to cut a board to a particular length. To make use of this service please add to your basket the closest size of board to the size you require, for example if you would like a 55cm length board and an 82cm length board please add one 60cm board and one 90cm board.

We do charge for rip cuts to a particular width, at £1 per foot (30cm). For example, to rip a 300cm (10ft) board from 225mm wide to 180mm width, the cost would be £10 for this service. You can add this to your order by adding the Rip Cut product below - you will initially only be able to add 1 at £1, but when you go to your basket you can adjust the quantity accordingly (in the above example you would change the quantity to 10). Don't worry - if you choose too many or too few then we can always edit the order for you and credit/invoice for the balance.

You can then let us know the custom sizes you require at the basket stage. When you view your basket you should see an option to "Add instructions for seller" - please click on this and specify the required sizes. We'll see this note on your order and cut accordingly.


To purchase any of the above options in a smaller sample size please see our Sample Pieces.

How "reclaimed" is your board?

We all love rustic looking boards, that's why we're here after all! But one person's idea of rustic can be quite different to another. We want you to be completely happy with the board you receive and so we now offer a representation below for those who would like to specify exactly how rustic they would like their board to be. If you don't have a particular preference then please don't worry, we'll pick a board with plenty of character but still in great condition to use, one we would be happy to have ourselves.


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Customer Reviews
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Nick W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great product

Very happy, great staff, will be using again!

The Scaff Shop

Thank you Nick for this review. We are glad that you are happy with the service.

Jodi G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fantastic product and customer service

Amazing quality and customer service. After a quick sand and some danish oil the scaffold board came out exactly how I wanted it too for a shelf. Will be ordering more from this company! Thanks so much

The Scaff Shop Reclaimed Scaffold Board - All sizes - UNSANDED Review
The Scaff Shop

Hi Jodi. Thank you for this review. We are glad you have enjoyed our service.

Sam H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Book shelves with piano stand

I possibly like these unsanded boards even more than the sanded ones, which I've also tried. The scarring on the underside of the boards looks fantastic when you look up at it.

The Scaff Shop Reclaimed Scaffold Board - All sizes - UNSANDED Review
The Scaff Shop

We love the unsanded ones too! Nothing like a bit of character on a board. Thanks for the feedback and photos, they look great!

Thomas N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Just what I was looking for...

Was in the market for reclaimed scaffolding to build a purpose built chimney breast shelf unit. Scouring the market, I couldn't find anything, until an Internet search found the Scaff shop. Ordered my lengths and they was shipped in an easy to manage parcel. Be great if you offered a custom cut service.

The Scaff Shop Reclaimed Scaffold Board - All sizes - UNSANDED Review
The Scaff Shop

Hi Thomas, thank you very much for your feedback! We're really pleased to hear that you're happy with the products. You'll be pleased to hear for future orders that we do offer a custom cut service! Just scroll down on the scaffold boards product page and it's all explained there. Otherwise, pop us an email and we'll be happy to go through it.

Emma G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great product and service

The Scaff Shop Reclaimed Scaffold Board - All sizes - UNSANDED Review
The Scaff Shop

Wow, the table and bench look awesome! Thanks so much for sending us the photo! Please let us know if you need anything else in the future :).