Floating Shelf Bracket - Pair

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Our Floating Shelf Brackets are perfect for those who love a more subtle look when styling their shelf. Once installed, these brackets are completely hidden from view, leaving a stunning visual effect where the shelf appears to have no actual support.

Item no: A06

Sold as a pair (i.e. add a quantity of 1 to make a pair). If you are purchasing our Shelf Kits then it is not necessary to buy these separately as the kit includes these as standard.

- Steel
- Silver
- Length: 75mm (approx 3 inch), 124mm (approx 5 inch), or 152mm (6 inch).
- Cylinder diameter: Approx 10mm (3 and 5 inch lengths), 12mm (6 inch length)
- Rectangle dimension: Approx 70mm x 14mm x 4mm (3 and 5 inch lengths), 140mm x 25mm x 4mm (6 inch length)
Please note:
- Only suitable for shelves up to approx width 110mm for the 75mm (3 inch) bracket, 165mm for the 122mm (5 inch) bracket, and 225mm for the 152mm (6 inch) bracket.
- Best suited to shelves with a thickness of 30mm-40mm
- Requires corresponding hole drilled in to shelf, and for best effect a recess for the rectangular part of the bracket is also needed
- Supplied with wall plugs and screws, however the wall plugs may not be suitable for all wall types. Please choose a plug suitable for your wall or contact us for advice if unsure.
- Floating brackets will take significantly less weight than the hanging/propped options. This is due to the way they attach to the wall. If you plan to place heavier items on your shelves, please opt for the hanging/propped brackets.
Item No:
- A06

There's no hard and fast rule for how many brackets you will require for each shelf - it depends on the type of wall they're going in to and what you plan to put on them. However, we've made a guide of what we consider to be the minimum required.

Shelf Size - Quantity of brackets:
30-120cm (1-4ft) - Two brackets
150-210cm (5-7ft) - Three brackets
240-300cm (8-10ft) - Four brackets
300-390cm (11-13ft) - Five brackets

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