Reclaimed Scaffold Board Cladding Battens (40mm x 38mm) - All lengths - UNSANDED


The Batten

These battens are made from our reclaimed scaffold boards and therefore have all the character and detail of our boards, but sized as a batten, making them ideal for cladding, panelling, screening, room dividing, and a range of other decorative uses. Unlike many other cladding options, these battens have a good depth to them, ideal for creating a visually stunning shadow gap if spaced in this way.

The cladding is intended for both interior and external use and will look incredible in both settings. If using externally please do make sure to understand and research the required treatments and maintenance that you would be required.

Item Specifications

This listing is for a unsanded reclaimed scaffold board batten. For sanded or styled battens, please click back to our Cladding product category.

Grade: British Standard, kite-marked (highest grade available)
Material: Wood (pine or European whitewood)
Dimensions (approx): 40mm wide, 38mm thick, length as per options above
Item No: RB01


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Please note

- The display photos above show the product sanded and oiled. This listing is for an unsanded, unoiled version.
- Please refer to our Product Notes page (click here) for advice on some things to consider when buying this product. We ask all customers to read this before purchasing.

Cutting service

We do not charge any extra to cut a board to a particular length. To make use of this service please add to your basket the next larger size of board to the size you require, for example if you would like a 55cm length board and an 82cm length board please add one 60cm board and one 90cm board.

You can then let us know the custom sizes you require at the basket stage. When you view your basket you should see an option to "Add instructions for seller" - please click on this and specify the required sizes. We'll see this note on your order and cut accordingly.


For these battens we do not offer samples, but please do go ahead and purchase a 1ft batten if you wish to test the product first.