Reclaimed Scaffold Board Bench Top - All sizes


At a glance

Bench top made from reclaimed scaffold boards.
- Width: 33cm
- Length: From 60cm - 180cm
- Custom sizes available, please enquire
- Legs available separately, please see below

Don't forget the legs!!!

This listing is for the bench top, so make sure to add a set of legs to your basket too. We've got a few options, so please see our recommendations just below, or to see our full range of available legs please see our Accessories page.

Leg recommendations

- Recommendation 1: Box section legs (5 styles) - see here. Please be sure to choose the "Bench (H40cm x W32cm)" option.
- Recommendation 2: Hairpin Legs at 40cm - see here.
- Recommendation 3: Oak Tapered Legs at 41cm - see here.

Leg colour options

- Box section legs available in Raw Steel* or Black
- Hairpin legs available in Raw Steel*, Black, White, Copper, Brass, Red, Yellow
- Custom colours available on request.
*The raw steel gives a wonderful industrial look, but please note it will rust over time, even indoors

Now back to The Bench...

Made from our own scaffold boards, the Reclaimed Scaffold Board Bench is an instant hit in any room. It is particularly suited to being paired with our dining table, but is also perfect for a hallway, living room, or just about anywhere you like to have a moments rest! Pairing the rugged boards with industrial box section or hairpin legs combines classic materials with contemporary design.

The result - a timeless piece of furniture.

The best part is that we allow you to customise the bench top and legs, giving you complete freedom of expression and a chance to be a part of the crafting of your item. We sell the bench without legs so that you can add your own by choosing from our range of legs over on our Accessories page (we've made some recommendations above). You may even have decided to make your own legs, in which case you're welcome to purchase the bench top as it is.

Let's not forget the green credentials too, as the boards are re-purposed and made from a sustainable material, so you know that this product has had minimal environmental impact.

Item Specifications

We offer three different finishes for the bench top (please see below). The benches themselves are all hand-made using a variety of techniques. The boards are biscuit joined and both machine and hand sanded. This still allows us to retain the rustic feel while giving the bench a professional and durable finish.

Grade: British Standard, kite-marked boards (highest grade available)
Material: Wood (pine or European whitewood)
- Length: Up to 180cm (approx 6ft in length). We can offer any custom length between the above standard options, as well as longer sizes if required, please enquire.
 - Width: Made to approx 33cm total width as standard (this is the size shown in the photos above). We can offer any custom width up to 44cm, please enquire if required.
Size is approximate and may vary by 1-5cm due to the reclaimed nature of the boards.
Legs supplied separately (please see above)
Item No: F04

Finish options

We use Danish Oil, a traditional oil which is perfect for bringing out the natural grain of the wood whilst leaving a durable, satin finish.
This is available in three colour options:
- Natural (light)
- Antique (medium)
- Jacobean Oak (dark)

We generally recommend ordering a sample so that you can make sure your preferred oil option is right for you.

Frame options

With a frame: Timber frame/border as shown in the photo
Without a frame: No frame.

Please note

- Please refer to our Product Notes page (click here) for advice on some things to consider when buying this product. We ask all customers to read this before purchasing.

Custom Pieces

If you have a custom piece in mind then please do get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.