Christmas 2023 and New Website Design

Christmas 2023 and New Website Design

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Christmas 2023

Just like you, we can't quite believe how quickly this year has flown by. We just noticed it's been 4 months since we last posted a blog, which is unheard of! Please rest assured that it's nothing to do with us being lazy, but is instead because we have been working on all sorts of things behind the scenes...

You may have noticed a few changes on our site

The biggest project we have been working on recently is our website design. Last week we re-launched with a completely new design and layout. It's still a work in progress, so at the moment we're yet to update our photos (this will be happening soon!), but you should notice a lot of changes to the overall look and features.

We're constantly working on our website so please let us know if anything isn't working when you use it, and we'll be happy to look into it. We hope you like the fresh new design as much as we do!


New product ranges

Whilst the website has taken a lot of our focus, our product range is something we're also always tweaking and improving, and we have several exciting new items in the pipeline.

First of, we'll soon be launching a scaff board table leg! This will be similar in style to the oak legs that we offer, but will be made from reclaimed scaff boards, meaning that they can be made to exactly match the finish of the table. We're super excited about these.

Another big change we'll be making is to our table tops. We are going to be adding a new range of frames made from metal, to completely enclose the outside edge of the table. We'll be adding this as a feature very soon with photos to demonstrate, so don't worry if my description makes no sense!


That's it from us for 2023!

Finally, all of us from The Scaff Shop would like to wish every one of our customers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please note that we're closed until the 2nd January so any enquiries and orders will not now be picked up until then.

Have a good one!

The Scaff Shop Team

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