What if I Want to Add My Own Finish?

What if I Want to Add My Own Finish?

Posted by Tom Pepper on

What if I want a finish not shown on your website?

We understand the dilemma - you love the look of the product, but the finish isn't quite the one you would choose. Maybe you want an appearance which matches other timber items in your house that are finished with a particular oil/stain/wax. Whilst we do offer a range of different shades of danish oil, we know that these won't cater for everyone. So what to do if you fall in to this camp?

The answer is simple - purchase a sanded but unfinished board! Unlike most other furniture companies, we always offer our boards in an unfinished option as well as in one of our popular finishes. This means that we still sand the board for you (the hard bit) but leave it unoiled, so that you can apply the exact type of stain or oil you would like. It's a great option for those with a particular finish in mind or who perhaps enjoy the process of oiling the timber themselves (it's so satisfying to see the grain pop!). 

Why wouldn't I buy just a completely raw board?

The main part of the finishing process is sanding. Anyone who has sanded any timber before knows that this can be a very monotonous process. Without the proper kit it can take a long time to sand even one board by hand, and even with all the kit we have here it can still be a pretty boring and dusty task!  However, if you choose an unoiled but sanded board then you dodge this part of the work, leaving it to our guys in the warehouse. We also have dust extraction here, so save your lungs and let us do the hard work for you!


I actually quite enjoy sanding...

If that's the case, please consider applying for a job with us! But joking aside, if you wish to sand the board and oil it yourself too then remember we have our unsanded boards which are the completely raw board. Get involved, get sanding (please wear a mask!), and get the exact finish that you're after. There's only one way to achieve this, and it's taking the board from start to finish yourself.


I want to treat it myself but I'm not sure what to use

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