Chunky Boards Means Chunky Shelves

Chunky Boards Means Chunky Shelves

Posted by Tom Pepper on

How could we resist turning our Chunky Boards in to Chunky Shelves??

They've only been on a short amount of time, but our Chunky Scaffold Boards have been incredibly popular. For those who haven't had a look at them yet, please follow the link above or otherwise allow me to explain - they are just like our normal scaffold boards, but...well...chunkier. The clue is in the title.

So how could we not make them in to shelves? I mean, just look at them. They are just so wonderfully chunked up.

We all know how this works by now...

For those that don't, our shelf kits consist of a sanded board along with the correct brackets and fixings to attach it to your wall. It's all picked for you. Like a meal kit, except non-edible (but just as flippin' yum).

Remember that the possibilities are endless

We've turned it in to a shelf, but you don't have to. Grab the sanded board here (not as a shelf kit), and do something else with it. Make a window board, use it as a mantle above your fireplace, or serve up cheese on it along with small foods with cocktail sticks through them. We don't mind. Just so long as you let us know, because we're nosey.

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