Introducing Our New "CHUNKY" Scaffold Boards

Introducing Our New "CHUNKY" Scaffold Boards

Posted by Tom Pepper on

How chunky is too chunky?

Scaffold boards are already chunky enough as they are, right? Wrong! WE FOUND SOME CHUNKIER ONES AND WE LOVE THEM.

Most scaffold boards are 38mm thick, in fact this is the standard size for almost every scaffold board you'll see, from building sites to reclamation yards to rustic furniture. We do however happen to know of a niche type of scaffold board, one found in the scaffold wilderness...chunkier than needed for most scaffold jobs, but just chunky enough for some heavy duty work. We introduce our imaginatively titled "Chunky" Scaffold Board! (I've now written the word chunky so many times it's starting to look strange on the page).

Exactly the same as a standard board but thicker

Not much to say here, the subtitle sums it up! They are exactly the same as a standard scaffold board in all ways, except for being 63mm rather than 38mm.

This makes them wonderfully chunky. These boards would make an incredibly nice looking cottage-style dining table or rustic furniture, or a show-stopper of a shelf.

Listen to your mates boast about their scaffold board furniture and wait for them to come over and see some boards almost twice the size! The "That's not a knife..." scene from the Crocodile Dundee film springs to mind (harder to brandish a scaffold board, but you get what I mean).

Our usual range of unsanded and sanded options, new and reclaimed

We are currently offering this in reclaimed unsanded and sanded, and new unsanded and sanded, although the new options are currently out of stock. We're not offering these boards in our flamed, charred and coloured style options although this is something that we may look at in the future.

Sizes go up to 8ft in these boards, not 13ft like our standard ones. We can do any sizing between zero and 8ft as we'll cut to size for you (more information in the product listing, please follow the links above).


As always, please feel free to get in touch ( if you have any questions at all. We would love to hear from you.

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