Custom Size Your Scaffold Boards !

Custom Size Your Scaffold Boards !

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We Can Custom Size Your Products!!

We get asked about this a lot !!

Yes we can custom size your scaffolding boards / Shelving / Tables / Desks / Cladding / Worktops. You name we can rip it.

If you are looking to fit a bespoke piece of timber, like many of our amazing customers needed to do, then look no further. All you have to do on our beautiful website is to choose the product you need, for instance if you are needing a 240cm standard scaffolding board (225mm) but would like this ripped down to say 200mm we have what is known as the RIP Cut option. You will see this on our website with every product. If for whatever reason you cannot find it, then simply type it into the search bar and it will magically appear ! We charge just £1.00 per foot so £8.00 for the 240cm board, Lookout for the image below and here is the link to see for yourself. Rip Cut 

Rip Cut image from The Scaff Shop

If however you are finding it too difficult, as tech can get confusing just pop us an email to and we will gladly help with your project.

Bespoke Sized Shelf Brackets. Yes, That's Right!

We can now also make bespoke size shelf brackets with our amazing colour finishes to suit any project. Our brackets are made from mild steel and 6mm thickness which can support over 100kilo in weight! Check this link to see our range of Shelf Brackets.  All of this is handmade right here in our Frome workshop. Handcrafted with all our natural material in house. We just love our products. Raw material being put to use to give the perfect rustic charm to any home!

Just a little inspiration from one of our customers. Andrew needed some custom sized shelving for these little recesses. Just perfect. They absolutely work on every level. No pun intended (maybe just a little)

Photos photo uploaded by Andrew M. on 2021-11-06T11:49:12.23Z

Don't Stress about custom cuts. Leave that to us and we will gladly help with your project.


  • We can rip cut a single scaffold board for £1.00 per foot, any width up to 225mm
  • Benefits of our rip saw makes your life much easier and saves a tremendous amount of labour time
  • We can also join boards, either double or triple jointed giving a maximum width of up to 660mm
  • Look for the Rip Cut option
  • Leave a note to seller before checking out with your required dimensions

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