Rustic Kitchen Shelf ideas and styles

Rustic Kitchen Shelf ideas and styles

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A considerable number of our shelf kits end up in the Kitchen. Scaffold shelves offer an authentic rustic look to any kitchen that needs a focal point. In this article, we will look at why Scaffold Board Shelves have become so popular and what objects are used to style them to the suggested height off of the countertop. Over ten thousand customers have so far bought our Shelf Kits, and with many customers sharing photos of the finished product, we have a vast array of images and ideas that have been provided. Interestingly, Reclaimed Scaffold Boards are used because of their authentic rustic look after being used. Some customers wish to have them sanded and treated with Danish oil to bring out the grain and appreciate the details in the wood. Others have sanded New Scaffold Boards to give that contemporary look. Scaffold Boards are perfect for Kitchen shelves as you can tailor the product to the look and feel of your Kitchen with minimal changes. 


We're going to offer some insights on Kitchen Shelves that we have learned over the past four years. So, without fail, here goes our definitive guide for Kitchen Shelves! 


Styling Kitchen Shelves, 5 things to keep in mind

  1. Combine old and new objects.
  2. Use items of varying heights to keep the eye engaged.
  3. Add layers to create depth.
  4. Stick to a colour palette.
  5. Mix materials. Wood, glass and metal are just a few examples.

My colleague Tom has written an excellent article that features some customer projects, take a look here -


What is the best height for kitchen shelves?

For a practical and aesthetically pleasing setup, we recommend aligning the first shelf with the bottom of your wall cabinets, approximately 18 "off the countertop. This height allows ample space for small appliances to be stored underneath the lowest shelf, ensuring a clutter-free countertop and easy access to your kitchen essentials.

How far above the floor should shelves be set?

Regarding height from the ground, we like to think of shelves as artwork; shelves should be installed near eye level or about four to five feet from the floor. If a shelf is being used for cookbooks, ingredients, or even your essential barista supplies, you need access to them. Installed too high, and you will find yourself stretching too much.

Floating, hanging or propped brackets? 

Ah, this always divides people's opinions. We like how floating shelves give a new scaffold board a contemporary look and feel. At the same time, the hanging and propped brackets really offer an authentic rustic feel. However, with our multiple colour variations now available with Kitchen Shelf Kits, the brackets can turn into a memorable and eye-catching statement, especially when paired with the room decor.

How deep should my kitchen shelf be? 

The width you require depends on what you are using the shelf for. At The Scaff Shop, we offer four-width sizes to give customers plenty of choices. The narrow width of 110mm is ideal for family photos, ornaments, and other smallish items (not weight but size). Then we have our 'radiator' width shelf, which is 165mm, which offers a midpoint from the narrow to the standard Scaffold Board width. A nice size for small books and plants and doubles up nicely for those barista syrups, coffee beans, etc. One of our biggest sellers is the standard scaffold board size of 225mm in width, as this fits most customers' needs for what they want to store. That leaves us with our fourth and final option, which provides 300mm of storage space, perfect for plates, large books and other large impactful items you require as a focal point in the Kitchen.

How do you make open shelves look less cluttered and neater?

When stacking items on your shelf, always place the heavier, larger pieces on the bottom. In the Kitchen, we suggest leaving open shelving for the things that get used often and storing lesser-used dishes away. Grouping things by shape, utility or even colour. Gather glassware together in one place and a few antique knick-knacks in another, then arrange your books by colour. Adding containers and smaller ledges within the shelving can help you stay organized while creating depth in your decor.

We hope this overview of Rustic Kitchen Shelf ideas and styles has been helpful, don't hesitate to look at our other blogs for more ideas.

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