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FAQ - Can I Get a Sample of the Different Finishes You Offer?

Posted by Tom Pepper on

I like the look of several of the finishes you offer, is it possible to get a sample of each to help me make my mind up?

Yes! We now offer all our finishes in small sample blocks! This means you can try one or more of the finishes and we'll send you a sample of scaffold board (approx 10cm x 10cm) in the finish you have requested. Think of it like a swatch, but made from wood rather than fabric!

Is the postage free?

Unfortunately not, sorry. They are little too big to fit through letterboxes so they have to be sent by courier (we use My Hermes). This means that we do need to charge a shipping fee to cover this cost.

How many finishes do you offer?

On our standard scaffold board we offer 14 finishes (although we can offer our "coloured" board in a huge number of options, so this option itself has a number of sub-options!). Please click here to be taken to the Sample Piece product page where you can see the full range.

How do I order?

Simply click any of the links that we've given above, which will take you to the product listing for our sample pieces. You then just need to choose the sample(s) you're interested in, add to your basket, view your basket, and then check out. Delivery usually takes 2-5 working days.

I've received my samples, but I'm looking for something slightly different

No problem! We're always happy to offer more than our standard range of finishes. We can offer variations on any of these finishes, and will always try to accommodate custom requests. Feel free to ask and we'll try our best to help.

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