Why The Scaff Shop Is Great for Makers and Woodworkers

Why The Scaff Shop Is Great for Makers and Woodworkers

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Wow, that really took off...

Since our blog post from 4th January titled "Attention all Makers, Professionals, and Businesses!" we've had a great response on the trade side of things. Alongside the blog, we reached out to various makers and woodworkers on Instagram and through their websites, and we couldn't quite believe how many people and businesses were looking for a good supply of scaffold boards.

We love all our customers, whether it's a DIYer buying a few boards to make a table, a house-proud customer adding some shelves to their walls, or a professional who is looking to take their making to the next level. For those of you making furniture and other items for a living, our goal is to be your number one partner and supplier for all the boards that you need.

Trade discounts on larger orders

We always welcome customers getting in touch no matter the size of order, but for orders of 50+ boards it's definitely worthwhile, as we can offer custom pricing and our own delivery. We can set up direct invoicing with BACS payments, and can work out a delivery schedule that suits you and your requirements.

A better quality board

We carefully select all of our boards so that they are paint free and in good condition for you to work with. We also de-band all boards supplied when they're part of a bulk/trade order and are from either our sanded or "special" range.

If you're setting up a regular order then we will take back any boards that you felt you couldn't use, and swap them at no charge on your next order. This means you are guaranteed to have 100% usable boards going forwards. No other company offers this.

We also monitor moisture content, as we know this is super important to anyone making anything. No-one wants a board that then dries out further and twists out of recognition! We aim to only supply boards under 20% in moisture and work hard to get them as dry as possible. We do this naturally (no kiln to be found here) to not only reduce the chance of cracking, but also to fit in with our eco aims.


We can also customise any part of your order. Don't want to have the pre-set lengths we specify on the website? No problem. Would prefer a mix of hand sanded and machine sanded boards? Sure. Would like to speak to us about just how "reclaimed" you would like the boards to be (one person's "reclaimed" is another person's "too beaten up"!), then get in touch and have a chat with us.


Remember, you can pop us an email with on hello@thescaffshop.com and we'll be more than happy to help.


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