FAQ - What Type of Oil, Wax, or Stain Should I Use to Finish a Scaffold Board for Indoor Use?

FAQ - What Type of Oil, Wax, or Stain Should I Use to Finish a Scaffold Board for Indoor Use?

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This is a very common question, particularly for those of you out there who are new to woodwork or DIY. There's such a large range of finishes, from oils to stains to waxes and more, that it can seem a bit overwhelming when it comes to getting the "right" one.

Is there such a thing as the "right" finish?

In short, no. If we're talking about indoor furniture, then the finish is often down to preference and the way you would like the finished item to look or feel. It's a little different when it comes to outdoor use, and we'll cover that in a future article, but for now we're talking about boards that you plan to use for shelving, furniture, and other similar uses.

Why are there so many different types?

It's really because there are so many different substances (oils, varnishes, waxes etc) that are suitable for wood, which is great as it gives us a variety of options, each with different qualities. For example, oils will penetrate in to the grain of the wood, whilst still protecting the outside of the wood. Varnishes on the other hand sit on the outside of the wood and give a very durable, hard coating, ideal for high traffic areas such as floors. Waxes look great and give a wonderful, soft sheen, so are great for furniture.

What does The Scaff Shop recommend?

All of the options described above are suitable, however we would always recommend a danish oil. The reason being that, as mentioned above, it penetrates well, gives a good even finish without changing the look of the wood too much, and lasts for a long time. It's also easy to apply - simply brush it on and remove excess with a rag. In particular with scaffold boards, which can be rougher or more textured than other timber items, danish oil applied with a brush is much better at getting in to and penetrating this type of surface, whereas wax and varnish may not be. Further to this, the oil finish has less effect on the final feel of the product, and it's the wonderful tactile quality of scaffold boards that make them what they are.


If you have any questions about how to treat, finish, or maintain your board, then please don't hesitate to ask. You can contact us on hello@thescaffshop.com.

You're also welcome to pop in to our unit in Frome. Please pop us a message before doing so that we can make sure someone will definitely be available to help.

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