Serving Our Customers During a Second Lockdown

Serving Our Customers During a Second Lockdown

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We're putting safety measures in place as we approach a second lockdown

The second national lockdown is just a couple of days away and as it stands it will be 4 weeks of restrictions similar in many ways to those seen earlier in the year. As a small business it means looking at how we can still offer our products whilst complying with the new rules, but with our paramount concern being the health of our staff and customers. We all of course have the benefit of having learnt lessons from the first lockdown, so we aim to put in place an effective strategy which addresses all of the above issues.

Changes to the shop

The main change here is that our shop will be closed for customer visits. Jack will still be here working here making products and fulfilling orders, but our staff (such as myself!) will work from home so as to keep each member separate as much as possible. The benefit of this is that we can still answer customer enquiries as well as process new orders. We can still ship out orders nationally, or for those that opt for local collection we can arrange a time with you and can leave the item outside the front of our warehouse for a Covid-safe collection.

Placing an order

To place an order please do exactly as before and order online by adding the required items to your basket and then completing the order through our secure check out. If it's an order with delivery then we ask for a little patience as circumstances mean that there may be delays with the postal services and couriers. For local collections we'll be in touch to let you know as soon as the order is ready, and to arrange collection with you.

More time at home for many of us

The lockdown is not something that anyone wants - it means a worsening of the situation and more loss of life and hardship for people all over the country. For many of us it will mean more time at home, seeing the same four walls every day and with little opportunity for a change of scene. It's important that we all do what we can to make our circumstances more bearable and our environments more enjoyable, so for many this will be a good opportunity for home improvements (as anyone who tried to buy a tin of paint found out during the first lockdown!).

Some of us will again be faced with creating comfortable home working spaces, and whilst the dining table might have seemed viable to begin with, we now all know that a quiet space and a proper office set-up is crucial. We offer Reclaimed Scaffold Board Desks which can make the work space both functional and enjoyable, so check these out. If you have a custom size in mind then please let us know. Or if you habe to work at the dining table, why not do it in style with with one of our Reclaimed Scaffold Board Dining Tables!

For those who are at home and with a little more spare time on their hands, then improving the home space can be a great way to keep yourself occupied. Why not check out our Reclaimed Scaffold Boards - you could opt for an unsanded version and make your own project, the range of which runs from using them for new flooring, to cladding, to almost any item of furniture you can think of! Or if you would like a more finished version then check out the sanded version instead.

If you want to jump straight to a ready-to-go Shelf Kit, then check these out, they're great when you want to do less of the work and have a beautiful reclaimed shelf already made for you. Or how about something somewhere in the middle of "ready made" and a "project" - our DIY Shelf Kit means you don't have the hassle of cutting the wood but get the satisfaction of oiling and sanding.

Our staff and our customer's health comes first

Most important of all is that everyone stays safe and healthy, whatever that means to each individual. We hope to help in our own way, as we know that our items can be a great addition to the home living or work space, so we look forward to helping you with any enquiries or orders that you place. But your personal and family's health comes first, so for those who take a step back during the lockdown, or perhaps postpone a visit to our shop, please stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side of lockdown!


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