How to Style a Scaff Shelf - By Our Customers

How to Style a Scaff Shelf - By Our Customers

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Our customer photos are the best inspiration

I had the idea to write this blog before I actually realised that I had recently been sent in these excellent customer photos. In fact, I wanted to write a blog showing off how versatile our shelves can be, but my first thought was how I would only want to show photos of our own shelves, for which I didn't have any new ones to hand. Cue a quick search through our recent customer feedback (where customers can add their own photos) and look what I came across.

Reclaimed shelves paired with exposed brick wall

I've always wanted an exposed brick wall in my house and so I was particualrly envious of the one shown in the headline photo above. They just have so much character and variation of colour, and show off the history of the building wonderfully. And what goes better with exposed brick than some industrial-style reclaimed scaffold shelves? Probably nothing. Just look how great they look!

The shelves are styled with some glass jars with essential ingredients, perfectly showing off how scaffold shelves can be both a wonderful feature and a functional addition to your home. Looking at this photo just makes me want to get in that kitchen and start cooking.

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Skinny shelves look awesome in a bathroom

For most of us our bathrooms are probably much smaller than our kitchens, so big chunky shelves can look a but overbearing. So why not try our "Half Scaff" Shelf Kit, a much more refined and subtle look, and ideal for the bathroom or busy room where space is a premium.

Bathroom products tend to be bottles and other small items, rather than books or large kitchenware, so these shelves are perfect for showing off your fancy lotions or bathroom foliage.

Scaffold Board Shelves in bathroom

Please do keep the photos coming!

These are just two suggestions, inspired by our wonderful customers. Why not try using shelves in this way in your home? We would love to see photos of scaffold board shelves in your kitchen or bathroom, or any other room! Send us an image of your handiwork and we're sure to be impressed. You never know, we might even use it to inspire our customers too...

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