Customer Projects #1

Customer Projects #1

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We love seeing your completed projects!

There are so many things to enjoy about working with and supplying wood to our lovely customers, but one of the best parts is seeing the awesome things that they create! We love it when customers send us a photo of their project and are always incredibly impressed at the things that are made, often just by hobbyist woodworkers or DIYers.

Beautiful table from Keiron

This one is a great example. Our customer, Keiron, bought our New Unsanded Kiln Dried Scaffold Boards and then doubled them up and added a piece of glass along the centre to create this wonderful "river" style table. The boards were also oiled to give them that lovely darkened colour and of course to protect them from food and drink spills.

 Scaffold Board River Table


Bedside tables from Helen

Here's something a little simpler and yet completed to a really good standard and a great addition to the home. Here our customer, Helen, again chose our New Unsanded Kiln Dried Scaffold Boards. These boards are great for furniture as the fact that they have been kiln dried means they have had the moisture level reduced, minimising the chance of movement or splitting once fixed to each other. For those who don't know, the moisture content of timber gradually reduces once milled, until it reaches a stable rate. In the process the wood shrinks and moves, all of which can happen somewhat unevenly, meaning that splits and cracks can occur. Wood that is evenly dried out in a controlled manner such as in a kiln will be at a much more stable point in this process.

Anyway, back to Helen - as you can see from the photo below she joined these in a fairly simple design but the effect is brilliant. These bedside tables will be both functional and sturdy and can be oiled or waxed to create a variety of finishes (we always recommend Danish Oil).

Scaffold Board Bedside Tables

Walls, benches and signage from Arts One

These guys had various ides in mind for our boards, as you can see below. They had a mix of Reclaimed Sanded Boards for the bench and sign as well as some new boards for the wall. The sign was CNC machined to create the artwork that you can see in the photo, which looked absolutely stunning. This goes to show just how versatile our timber can be.

We had a lot of communication with these guys to work out exactly how to create the effects they were looking for, and we loved having this involvement and being able to assist in this way. This whole order was then delivered using our own transport to the Arts 1 School of Performance in Milton Keynes.

Don't be afraid to give it a go!

The great thing about our timber is that it's very forgiving. You're not working with a piece of oak or an exotic hardwood, where a small mistake means starting again and where the wood is so hard to work with that mistakes are that much more likely! Our timber is mainly pine or whitewood, which are easy to work with and yet very durable and stable (which is why we trust it to take our weight several flights up the side of a building!).

Our scaffold boards and pallet wood are also great value for money so even if you do make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. You can see above how with a little planning and a give-it-a-go attitude, even a casual woodworker or DIYer can create some amazing pieces, which would cost far more if purchased from a shop or to have made by a professional carpenter.

And don't forget, we're always on hand for tips and advice so please don't hesitate to get in touch. Most importantly, we're there to congratulate you when you send us that photo of your completed project - we love seeing all efforts so please don't hesitate to show it off and send it in :).

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