Introducing Our New Tapered Oak Legs

Introducing Our New Tapered Oak Legs

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Rustic + Refined = The Perfect Match

We love selling our rustic, reclaimed boards - their chunky style just looks amazing in any setting. But sometimes it's great to pair a table top of industrial, rustic, rugged scaffold boards with something more elegant, refined and classic (a bit like how it looks when I'm stood next to the boss, Jack).

Introducing our Tapered Oak Legs!

Why Oak?

Oak is wonderfully well suited to furniture. It's durable, hard, heavy, and simply timeless. A solid scorer on the Janka Hardness Scale (that is a real thing, google it!), oak is considered an industry standard for a solid, versatile wood. The extra benefit of a high tannin content makes it particularly durable to rot and insect attack too.

It's not to say that a leg made from a pine/white wood (the wood varieties our scaff boards are made of) wouldn't work too - in fact, we'll be introducing a new range of scaff board legs in the future! But oak undeniably has a place in amongst the timber scrum as a wood which is both stylish and strong.

For those who want a table made entirely from timber, these are a fantastic option. 

Are they already oiled?

They are indeed! With a long lasting hardwax oil, meaning that they are stain and water resistant from the get go. Ideal for a table you could say.

How do they fix to the table?

This hasn't been overlooked, don't worry. You'll see if you visit the product page that there are handy fixing plates, which makes them nice and easy to attach to a table top.

Do they look any good?

We think so! Our showroom is still under development so whilst I'd love to show a lovely made-up table in a stylish setting, I can't. Sorry. However I can show you one of our awesome hand-made scaff board tables with a set of these oak legs, nestled in the corner of what will be our showroom (see below). We hope you'll agree that the table looks great. For the rest, use your imagination.


Scaffold board table with tapered oak legs

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