It's Coming Home!.... Hopefully??

It's Coming Home!.... Hopefully??

Posted by Tom Pepper on

As if we need an excuse to get together...

With everything that has happened in the last 18 months or so, the European Football Championship feels like it couldn't have come at a better time. Restrictions have almost been completely lifted, and after the long slog of lockdown after lockdown, what better way to spend time with friends and family than by cheering on the national team.

Now we're not promoting drinking alcohol. Nor watching football. But...if you do like both of those things, then how about grabbing a Scaff Shot Paddle Board to add a bit of flare and style to your Euros gathering? We're currently selling these and our other "Bits and Bobs" at 50% off, so now is the time to grab a massive bargain!

We can't be sure what will happen...but either way...

We would like to think that these paddle boards will be the perfect companion for a celebratory Euros session. We imagine you all having a shot each time England score, or perhaps every time the camera pans to a happy Gareth Southgate. However, we are realists, and we would like you to get some use from your paddle board, so we suggest having a shot each time EITHER team scores. Better yet, wait until the knock-out stages and have a shot every time England fluff a crucial penalty kick perhaps? I jest.....sort of.

Shipping is free!

This is an item where we offer free shipping, so either buy individually or with other items and you won't pay any shipping at all on these paddle boards. Bargain shipping...what else can we do? No, we can't guarantee that England will continue to win....

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