Wood Wool Firelighters Now Stocked at The Scaff Shop

Wood Wool Firelighters Now Stocked at The Scaff Shop

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Our Kindling and Firewood range has a new addition - fire lighters!

As we all know, there's no smoke without a fire, but also there's no fire without a flame!

If you've ever struggled to get a fire going then these are for you. No more will you be stacking up mounds of paper against your kindling, only for the paper to burn out and smoke your room out within seconds - these fire lighters burn with a smokeless flame for up to 10 minutes.

Great for camping!

These fire lighters are compact and light, meaning they're great for campfires, where space and weight are at a premium. They're packaged in a handy cardboard which can slot in the top of a bag or box of kindling or logs and take up very little space. The box can even be burnt afterwards!

They are equally good for home log burners and stoves, as the box means they'll fit neatly under or next to a stove. The box of 24 means you'll get plenty of fires out of each carton.

Small and large orders welcome

Customers are welcome to add just one or a few boxes on their own, or to another order (when combined with other items, shipping will often not increase at all). We also welcome orders for larger quantities and are happy to discuss bulk or trade orders.

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