New Products - Indoor and Outdoor Benches and an Outdoor Table Too!

New Products - Indoor and Outdoor Benches and an Outdoor Table Too!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

We've been getting inventive with our boards

The creative juices are flowing here and we have not one, not two, but three new products to add to our range of furniture, all made from our wonderful reclaimed scaffold boards! We've got two new benches (one for indoors, one for outdoors), and a new outdoor table too. Your seating and dining needs, whether rain or shine, are truly covered this Summer. See these new items here:

Indoor Reclaimed Scaffold Board Bench
Outdoor Reclaimed Scaffold Board Bench
Outdoor Reclaimed Scaffold Board Table

Tell me more!

All three of these items are made from our lovely reclaimed scaffold boards. They look rustic yet modern (impossible I hear you say), rugged yet clean (surely not, it's a paradox), and authentic yet contemporary (wait a minute...). Seriously though, they have a hell of a lot of charm and style and are perfect for so many different settings.

The benches and table come in fixed widths but with a range of lengths available, so you can choose from several different options. The indoor bench and the outdoor table follow our usual format where you are purchasing the top only, and the legs are separate (follow the links above for more info). The outdoor bench however is sold with the frame too, as we only have one design of frame which is suitable, and no other design would work.

These items are all flat pack, which means we can charge a whole lot less shipping than if they were pre assembled. We provide all the necessary fixings to assemble them so they should be straightforward if you're someone happy with flat pack furniture.

What is the difference between the indoor and outdoor range?

Good question! The main difference between the indoor and outdoor furniture ranges is that the outdoor items have gaps between each board, (please see the photo), which allows for more expansion and movement, as happens when timber items are outside.

Will the outdoor items be OK left outside?

As with all outdoor items, they will weather more quickly than indoor ones, but they are still of course built to last in outdoor conditions. We recommend bringing them in during the Winter months when not in use, as this will help to protect them, but during the Summer they can be left out. Furniture covers will of course help to slow the weathering process.

We coat all our timber with Danish oil, whether for indoor or outdoor use. This oil is water resistant and very durable, however you may wish to use an additional coating such as an Osmo product if you wish to really extend the lifespan of the item.

Why not check out our blog on the question here.

We can't wait to see them!

As always, please do send us your photos, we love to see them! You'll receive a feedback email after a week or two and this will have a link where you can add photos. This will also get you a discount code for any future orders, so it's a win-win.

If you have any questions about these products, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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