Customer Projects #5

Customer Projects #5

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So many project to choose from!

It's been a little while since I wrote a blog about customer projects, and I didn't realise quite how many awesome photos had been sent in during this time! I've had to short list them just to make sure that this post isn't overly long, so please keep on reading for a selection of the best customer project from the past couple of months...


I'm starting with a classic, something that reclaimed wood is just perfect for - garden planters. You may think that a planter is a planter, right? Wrong. I'm always amazed at just how many variations on a planter there can be, and our customers are excellent at showcasing this. Just take a look at these examples below.

The first image shows some exceptionally well made planters which have been fashioned from our pallet wood. You can see that they're actually quite small, but with the handles on the side they are really easy to move around and reposition. The second image is the other extreme - these are made using our "Chunky" boards. These planters are very strong, a little bit harder to move, but will withstand the test of time like no other.

Planters made from pallet wood

Chunky planters made from scaffold boards

Dining Tables

Next up is the wonderful dining table. Again, we never cease to be amazed at how our boards can make both the classic, straight plank style, or something completely re-imagined and original. Take the examples below. Both are made from our new kiln dried boards, which many customers find more stable than the non kiln dried equivalents, making them ideal for making in to furniture. Having been dried, they are less likely to move or crack so you can get straight on with making, as our lovely customers did!

Dining table from scaffold boards
Intricate scaffold board dinner table


The good ol' shelf

Scaffold board shelves are consistently our most popular product. Whether you make them from our Reclaimed or New Boards, or we make them for you in one of our Shelf Kits, the results are always awesome (even if we may say so!). From a coffee shelving niche, to a lovely spice rack, we even have a funky shelf kit with bright yellow shelf brackets.

Shelf kit made from scaffold boards

Kitchen shelving with spices

Kitchen shelves with yellow brackets

Kitchen shelves made from jointed boards

Kitchen shelves made from chunky boards


Finally, the pallet wood cupboard front

This final offering is a bit more of a wild card, and is a fairly unusual use of our unsanded pallet boards. We think it looks awesome though. Here we have cupboard fronts made from pallet boards, which give a lovely finish that is completely unique.

Kitchen unit made from pallet boards

Thank you again for all this feedback, the creativity on show is outstanding and we are massively grateful to all our customers who have taken the time to send these in.

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