Now Offering Upcycled Commissions and One-Offs!

Now Offering Upcycled Commissions and One-Offs!

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We love transforming old unwanted furniture in to something special

Our main focus is supplying our customers with the scaffold boards, pallet wood, or other reclaimed material to take a project design or concept and turn it in to a reality. Nothing pleases us more than getting a photo through of a space or item which has been transformed with our scaffold or pallet boards. We love being a part of making places look and feel nicer.

Recently though we had a request for a one-off commission which we couldn't pass up on. The brief was to create a top for a simple set of pine drawers. Jack jumped at the chance to do this and we're sure you'll agree that it turned out pretty well. Once we'd prised the item from Jack's hands (I think he was hoping he could smuggle it away to his house!), the customer picked it up and they seemed to be over the moon. They painted it themselves and the final result is the one you can see above. We also offer painting as part of the service.

Pine drawers upcycled with scaffold boards

Pine drawers upcycled with scaffold boards


Commission pieces

Customers are more than welcome to get in touch with us if you have a project in mind like the one above. Just pop us an email on, ideally with a photo of your item and a brief description of what you're trying to achieve, and we'll get back to you right away.

These projects tend to only be suitable for customers local to us or those willing to travel to us (we're in Frome, Somerset), as the sizes of the items in question tend to make shipping them not possible, especially as they are one-off pieces and therefore irreplaceable if lost or damaged.

The Scaff Shop's own one-off pieces

We were so happy with the item above that in addition to commissions we will soon be sourcing, designing and upcycling our own pieces. These will be listed on our website here. We're already busy working on a lovely pine coffee table so please be sure to check back, as it'll be a one-off so once it's gone it's gone!

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