Kindling. Perfect wood to get the fire started!


Posted by Jack Cornish on

The perfect timber to get the fire started!

Here at The Scaff Shop we pride ourselves on being a zero waste company.

Once we have finished making our lovely products for you guys, our day is not quite complete until we have sized up all of our off-cuts to make the perfect kindling for your wood burners / Campfires / BBQs / Chimeneas and so on. These little sticks are cut to around 170mm which will fit in any burner and then fed into our kindling machine to create the perfect burning stick.

All of our scaffolding boards are non treated and dry to produce some really hot heat which is ideal to start any fire needed. We also sell the perfect firelighter which is also made of wood and is a great product to go with our kindling. Have a browse through our website to see all of our firewood selection which can all be shipped straight to your door, no more traipsing to your local garage to get a huge messy bag of the stuff. Our product is boxed in a little cube (fully recyclable) and will sit neatly on the fireplace not taking up too much room and easy to handle!


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