New Wooden Shelf Kits - Standard

Here you'll find our wonderful new standard scaffold boards, made in to a handy Shelf Kit, which includes everything you need to get a beautiful scaff board shelf hanging up on your wall.

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Our Standard boards are just what they say - a standard scaffold board, at a thickness of 38mm, and reclaimed straight from our scaffold yard. 

These are available in several different widths and lengths, with a range of finishes including our popular oiled or flamed finishes. We also offer different bracket options including the classic industrial-style hanging and propped style brackets, or a modern floating bracket.

Standard Shelf Kit
- This is a standard board (225mm width), available in our full range of lengths (1ft to 13ft), four finishes, and three bracket options.

Radiator Shelf Kit
- This is our standard board but ripped down to three-quarter width at 165mm.

Narrow Shelf Kit
- This is our standard board but ripped down to half width at 110mm.

Deep Shelf Kits
- This is two of our standard boards, jointed together, to create a 300mm width shelf.

Small samples of all of the above options.

To purchase brackets separately, please visit our Accessories page.