Reclaimed Scaffold Boards

Don't panic! It may look like there's a lot of options below for a humble scaffold board, but it's not as confusing as it may at first seem. We have found that our different customers can end up requiring a number of variables on the simple scaff board, so we've tried to offer something for everyone below. Here's a quick guide to the different options...

Reclaimed vs New
A reclaimed board is one which comes from stock used in actual scaffolding. Great for extra character and therefore tend to be what people are looking for when they're after that classic, rustic look. Newer boards are more uniform, clean, and therefore more sought after by makers, as they are suited to furniture and other similar uses.
This product category is just for Reclaimed Scaffold Boards. For new, please click here.

Unsanded, sanded or special:
- Unsanded boards are the original and cheapest option, the scaffold board in it's original form. Great for larger quantities, landscaping, shelving etc, where a finished board is not needed
- Sanded boards are for those who want either a less rough board (hand sanded) or one with the bumps taken out too (machine sanded) then this may be a better option.
- Special boards are where we take the board to the next level. Here we offer options including a flame finish (where the wood is torched) or a coloured finish using specialist dyes.

Standard, "skinny", or "chunky":
- Standard boards are the original size - 225mm wide, 38mm thick.
- "Skinny" boards are ripped for reduced width - 100mm wide, 38mm thick.
- "Chunky" boards are a specialist board which are thicker than standard - 225mm wide, 63mm thick.

Jointed boards:
A jointed board is one where two boards have been joined together to create a wider, single board. A standard board is 225mm width so this allows a board to be created with a width of 440mm.

Small samples of all of the above options.

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