Upcycled Furniture

Did you know that we upcycle furniture?

Our main focus has always been on supplying the best quality scaffold boards for our customers to use in a range of their own projects, from cladding to flooring to furniture. But we have to admit, we like to have a go ourselves too. With an experienced joiner on our team (see our About Us page), and a workshop full of kit, it's just too tempting not to!

We're now launching two new services/products - firstly we're offering custom upcycling commissions where we will upcycle your item in a variety of different ways (all up to you of course!). Any piece of furniture, including coffee tables, dressers, dining tables and more are all possibilities. Second, we're sourcing and transforming our own pieces to offer on our website as one-offs and limited edition ranges.

Custom commissions

We will happily take an existing bit of furniture and transform it with a scaff board or pallet board top, in a variety of designs and styles. We can also offer other services including sanding and re-oiling, or painting.

Check out this recent commission below - we were given a pine dresser which had no top to it, so we made a custom one to fit. The customer painted it themselves and as you can see the result is something pretty special! It's amazing what can be done with a standard set of pine drawers.

This service will require customers to drop or ship their piece to us and then collect or arrange collection for it. Alternatively we can quote for collection and delivery. Due to the bulky nature of these items, and the fact they would be irreplaceable if damaged, we don't plan to offer 3rd party courier shipping on them.

If you're interested in this, then please pop us an email on hello@thescaffshop.com!

 Pine Drawer Set With Custom Scaffold Top

One-off pieces

We're launching a section on our website for one-off furniture pieces that we have sourced, designed, and upcycled ourselves. We'll be using a range of features and techniques to suit the particular piece of furniture, so each new item will be fresh and exciting.

They will again usually only be available for collection so please be aware of our location when ordering (Frome, Somerset).