Scaffold Board End Band


The End Band

Our end bands come in two variations - "new" or "original". Our new Scaffold Board End Bands are great for giving your item a traditional look but with a contemporary style. The original ones the other hand are as authentic as it gets - knocked, battered, and full of character.

End bands look particularly good when added to shelves and other items of furniture where the end of the board is exposed. The copper nails (included) give a wonderful contrast to the colour of the steel.

Item Specifications

Sold individually with seven copper nails included per band.

Material: Steel
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: 55cm length, 25mm width
Please note: The "original" bands may need to be flattened to the shape required as they are often misshaped from previous use. To do this, simply lay the bend on a hard, non-scratching surface, and use a hammer to flatten.