Adding Cladding

Adding Cladding

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Reclaimed scaffold board battens make the perfect cladding

We've promised them for some time and they're finally here - our reclaimed scaffold board battens! These are perfect not just for cladding, but also screening, panelling, room dividing and more. They can be spaced as much or as little as desired, cut to any size, and used horizontally or vertically (or any angle you choose!). Try adding a coloured or black backing material for contrast.

Can be used internally or externally....

We've been using these in our show room and are super chuffed with how they appear. In the photo below, you can see how effective they look when "flamed" and with a black background. This creates a striking visual effect.

The battens can also be used outside too. The timber is untreated so can be stained, varnished, or oiled with any preferred exterior product, giving limitless potential.

As the wood is untreated please be sure to understand and research the required treatments and maintenence that would be required if you do use these externally.

Why use reclaimed boards for your cladding project?

As always, the cost of reclaimed scaffold boards as a functional timber makes them a very attractive option for cladding. The fact that they are reclaimed means that they have loads of character, so despite being priced competitively, they still look great. Our battens are also thicker than many other types of cladding, making them stronger and more durable than most, as well as giving them a lovely "chunky" appearance.

If you have any questions at all, or require help pricing up your project, please get in touch on


Scaffold board cladding with black background

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