Progress, Progress, Progress....

Progress, Progress, Progress....

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The showroom is finally starting to look like a showroom!

This last month has been all about making some big progress in The Scaff Shop showroom. As many of you know we recently moved premises in to a new industrial unit which was in a bit of a state of disrepair. There has been a lot to do here but it's finally starting to come together (see the photo above!). It's not quite finished yet, but it's at a point where it's now looking presentable, so it seems a good time to show some of it off.

We'll add much more content once it's complete, and we plan to do a video tour too, so customers can see our full range of products on demonstration in the showroom. And, of course, you're all welcome to come and visit at any point - there's plenty to see already!

Pushing forward

We'll also be undertaking a big revamp of the website so please keep an eye on that (and bear with us while we do so!). We'll be reorganising all of our products and categories, but more importantly adding some new ranges of products too. We'll be listing some decorative battens (photo below) which are a really great feature and could be used in almost any setting. We'll also be adding our sliding barn doors as seen in the first photo. On top of this we'll be adding an outdoor furniture range too. There's too much to mention here, but we'll keep the blog updated as each new item is added.

Along with this, we'll have a lot of new photos, content and information throughout the website, so please do keep checking back.


Scaffold Board Decorative Batten

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