Scaffold Boards Make Perfect Shelves

Scaffold Boards Make Perfect Shelves

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Nothing beats them!

OK, OK, so we're a little biased....but we think scaffold boards really do make a lovely looking shelf. We know there are other timbers that are more exotic, and many that are more expensive, but very few can match the wonderful character that only a scaffold board has. After all, how many other timbers have had such an existence before becoming a shelf?

See for yourself and check out our full range of shelves here.

What is a shelf kit?

The shelf kits that we offer are a full kit consisting of everything you need to make a shelf. This includes the board, brackets, and any necessary screws/wall plugs. You'll see that we have many different combinations of all these factors (more below!) but the kit will always be a board and bracket size/combo which will work together, so is a much more convenient way to purchase than buying the components separately, and will work out exactly the same price (with the added benefit of having a screw and wall plug set thrown in for free!).

Not just a raw board, we'll sand it and oil it too!

A raw, unsanded board really is something to look at. It will have numerous dents, scuffs and scrapes, and just this on it's own can be a real showstopper when you add some brackets and stick it on a wall. However, we appreciate that many of you prefer a more refined look, and so you'll see that we offer a range of sanded and "special" options too.

The sanded options offer two levels of sanding - hand sanded or machine sanded, with the hand sanding being a more gentle level of sanding, leaving plenty of character, and the machine sand having had an additional run through a drum sander too, leaving a flatter and more uniform finish, which can be more suitable for furniture makers. There are also then three oil options available, to give a different finish to the board and to suit different preferences.

The "special" boards include our "flamed", "charred" and "coloured" options - these are where we scorch the board with a blow torch in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban style to give it a unique finish, and apply a coloured stain if the coloured option is chosen. The boards are then oiled for a durable and stylish finish.

It's not just the standard size scaffold board that we offer...

A standard scaffold board is such a great size for a shelf. But if you fancy something which is either thinner or chunkier then we cater for this too! You'll see that we offer "Rad" and "Half" shelves, which are boards that have been ripped down from 225mm width to either 165mm or 110mm respectively. We also offer a "Chunky" board, which is a board that is 63mm thick as opposed to 38mm, and again available in Full, Rad and Half.


Chunky Scaffold Board Shelf

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