Attention all Makers, Professionals, and Businesses!

Attention all Makers, Professionals, and Businesses!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

It's not just retail customers that we serve...

Our website is designed around the individual buyer purchasing items for small projects, or finished pieces which are ready to use. However, we also welcome all business enquiries too, so please don't hesitate to get in touch! Here are just a few examples of how we may be able to help:

Makers and Joiners: Whether you're working out of a small workshop in your garden or creating funky furniture-building how-to videos for your Instagram following of thousands, we can supply your reclaimed timber.
Professionals: Need a reliable source of reclaimed scaffold boards for your regular indoor and outdoor projects? You can order from us ad-hoc in large quantities, so we can help you whatever the situation.
Businesses: If you're making furniture on a much larger scale then we can still help, we stock large numbers of boards which are ready to ship or to be collected by your own transport. Just let us know how many you're looking for and we'll take it from there.
Shops and Hospitality: If you're perhaps looking to have your place fitted out with scaffold boards as cladding or flooring, or need several dozen tables made up to refresh and refurbish an eating space, we're the place to go. We'll discuss exact requirements with you and get a price to you right away.


We have a whole range of options, to suit all of the above and more. We offer boards completely unsanded for those who want to start at the beginning. Or for those who hate sanding (that's most people, right??), let us take the hassle out of it - choose our sanded boards and then add your flair, design, and maker skills to turn the board(s) in to something awesome. Just don't forget to send us a pic or tag us in social media after, thanks!

Whatever the requirements, leave it with us

We like to think of ourselves as an approachable bunch, so whatever your commercial or trade enquiry is, just pop us a message on and we'll take it from there. No quantity is too large or small.


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