Product Spotlight - The "Rad" Shelf Kit

Product Spotlight - The "Rad" Shelf Kit

Posted by Tom Pepper on

The "Rad" Shelf Kit - Ideal for any style-conscious radiators

Is your radiator constantly complaining about feeling a little bare? Does it see you trying on different outfits and accessories, and feel left out? If so, this is the shelf for you (and your radiator)! It'll feel like a new man (radiator) with a classy reclaimed wooden shelf sitting just above it, furnished with a range of ornaments or plants. It'll be the happiest radiator out there and the envy of all it's radiator friends. You know...if radiators had feelings...or friends...

On a more serious note, this product is a timeless classic which has been given The Scaff Shop treatment - reclaimed wood which has been ripped to the perfect size, shaped at the corners, then oiled and/or scorched to give it that unique scaffold board Scaff Shop look. What more could you want.

Who is it for?

Absolutely anyone! I mean, it's aimed at people with radiators, hence the name, but essentially it's our standard scaffold board ripped to three quarter width, meaning it's a perfect shelf for other settings too. It bridges the gap between our Full Scaff Shelf Kit and our Half Scaff Shelf Kit, so don't just picture it over radiators (although we think it's looks great over these, even if we may say so!), think also how useful and good it will look with books, ornaments, plants and more!

How much is it?

The shelf kit starts at £10.49 plus shipping in the smallest size (30cm), which admittedly won't fit many radiators (but is for those who like this width of shelf in other, non-radiator settings). A 90cm (3ft) size is £21.99 unoiled, and a little more if we do the oiling. As always, we offer various finish options for you, including the option to have the front corners left square or rounded off.

What is included?

The kit includes far more than the shelf itself. It's a floating shelf, so includes floating brackets along with screws and wall plugs. We also rebate the back of the shelf to fit the brackets so that it fits nice and flush against your wall. As mentioned above, we can additionally either oil or scorch too if you would like us to, and also you have the option of square or rounded front corners.

How can I buy it?

Simply view the product page by clicking here, choose from a few options, add to your basket and then check out. We'll deliver it to you by courier within 2-5 working days.

I have a question about it

Just pop us an email on and we'll be more than happy to help!

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