Cold Meats, Cake and Character - Festive Gift Idea #1

Cold Meats, Cake and Character - Festive Gift Idea #1

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Charcuterie makes Christmas...

I love food, and I have little willpower when it comes to resisting it. So having to take photos of cake, grapes and cheese on one of our awesome "Carry Some Character" Charcuterie Boards has been pretty tough, it all just looks SO DAMN TASTY!

We've turned a 2ft length of reclaimed scaffold board in to something even more characterful by carefully shaping it and pairing it with several different types of handle to make the ultimate charcuterie-style serving board. My favourite are the knurled t-bar handles, whereas Jack is a fan of the brass cup style handles. We love them all though, so have a good look at the photos and see which one you prefer!

Load it up with your favourite food or drink and carry it to a loved one (the sofa counts) to turn a simple snack in to a lovingly prepared, mouth-watering spread. With Christmas only a month away we're focused on the potential for festive foods being carried from a kitchen infused with the smell of mulled wine, to an armchair next to a cosy fire, but there's no reason you can't stick a cafetiere and your favourite mug on it and just head straight back to bed. We won't tell.

The perfect Christmas gift

This item is a perfect stocking filler. I mean, you might need a fairly big stocking, but with a starting price of just £19.99 (including handles and danish oil finish) then these are a great extra present for the foodie/coffee lover/serving tray enthusiast.

Why not give the present as part of an Xmas day breakfast-in-bed package? Imagine the surprise when you not only bring a platter of food to your significant other (c'mon, we all know this isn't a regular occurrence), but also on a beautiful scaffold board charcuterie board. Mind. Blown.

Give us a tag if you grab one!

We love seeing our items in use so if you do pick up one of these boards and stick some lovely grub on it then please do send us a photo! We might even feature it on the Scaff Shop Instagram!

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