Our Bracket Range Just Keeps Growing!

Our Bracket Range Just Keeps Growing!

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Lovely scaffold board + good quality brackets = An awesome shelf!

We love scaffold board shelves. And what turns a scaffold board in to an awesome shelf? A good quality bracket. Whether you're buying them to match a board you've bought from us, or to fit a shelf made from something other than a scaffold board (I'm told these do exist...although I find it hard to accept), brackets are the functional cherry on the cake and can transform your board in to a stunning shelf.

Our most most popular brackets are the wonderfully industrial and classic "hanging" or "propped" brackets (to fit a standard size board) - which you can see here. The difference between "hanging" and "propped" is in how they fix to the wall in relation to the shelf, with hanging brackets fixing to the wall above the shelf and propped fixing to the wall below. Follow the link above to see examples.

We also now sell them in a variety of colours. All of our main colour options are available on the product listing, however we can also offer a range of custom colours, so please do enquire if you require a colour not shown.

What if I want a bracket which is a little more subtle?

We get it, the standard bracket has quite an impact. It's rustic, chunky and heavy, all things that make it the great product that it is. But some of you like to make the timber the centre of attention, which we totally understand as the board is a feature in itself, and can look great with no obvious brackets showing.

This is where our floating brackets come in. They feature a supporting arm which slots inside the wood, and if you wish to you can even hide the back plate by rebating it so that it sits flush inside the back of the shelf. A little extra work is involved but the final effect is brilliant - a shelf which appears to float on the wall with no support.

We do always advise caution when using the floating brackets as they of course use a smaller section of wall with which to support the weight of the shelf, so will not hold as much as one of the standard brackets. Make sure you know the type of wall you're fixing in to (masonry or plasterboard etc) and how this will effect the strength, as well as making sure to get the right wall plugs.

My shelf is not standard scaffold board size, will these brackets still work?

We've recently added to our range of brackets and now offer the hanging and propped in two extra sizes - the "three quarter" size (see here) and the "half" size (see here), which fit shelves at a width of approx 165mm and 110mm respectively. Remember, shelves don't have to be exactly this measurement in order to fit, if the shelf is a little narrower then it will still look great.

We've also added another other floating shelf bracket size, and can now offer these in both 3 and 5 inch. The 3 inch bracket is great for shelves up to 110mm in width, and the 5 inch bracket is ideal for those up to 210mm.

I can't be bothered to work out which bracket I need for which shelf! Can you help?

No worries! We've made it easy for you by creating our Shelf Kit range. The shelf kits consist of a board and brackets all matched together in a kit that you know will work. If you buy a set which includes floating brackets then we'll also do the drilling and rebating of the bracket too. What could be easier.


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