Comparing Scaffold Board Options: What You Need to Know

Comparing Scaffold Board Options: What You Need to Know

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The Scaffolding Board!

Is the scaffold board strong enough?

Well, many of you may be wondering how much weight this board can hold, especially if you are going to use this for a shelf. The scaffold board at full length can hold up to 150KG spread evenly, so a few books shouldn't be an issue. However, the wall that is holding up your shelf is the culprit as you need to make sure you are using the right fittings to connect the brackets nice and snug. If you are going to be installing into plasterboard, this being the weakest wall to use, make sure you are going to use the best fittings possible and spend the money on some really good plasterboard wall plugs. (Please see here for some examples) These plugs splay out at the back making a set of wings which will hold against the back of the plasterboard allowing a really strong hold for your shelf. You will feel at ease knowing that the shelf is really secure rather than it getting a little floppy over time and continuously bugging you! The same goes for any wall fixing really. Don't Go Cheap! and nylon plugs are much more durable than plastic.

New Vs Old

If you are using the scaffold board for the rustic charm and decide to go with reclaimed boards then always check for major splits which may move once dried and also look out for rot as this can catch you out. However don't be alarmed by little cracks and splits as this can look really cool and wont effect the board too much. The old board will also be very dark in colour due to age compared with the new.

Please see here for our reclaimed boards 

Please see here for our new boards

The new board however may still have splits and cracks but will be very white in colour with not much character, you can certainly add some colour by using different finishes and techniques. (Please see our range of danish oils) We prefer to use Danish oil as the oil really penetrates the timber allowing this to soak in deep and protect the timber it also looks really cool when you first apply this to the product.

Sanded Vs Unsanded

Ok you have now chosen your new or old board, do you need it sanded? This is completely up to you and how you want your product to look. Many people think you would need to sand these items but really it can look just as cool with a rugged look especially for outdoor use and of course to keep the cost down. However furniture items especially tables I would recommend sanding as these are often touched and would advise taking the rough edge off and staining to help protect the table top, it just depends on how much time or money you want to spend as it is a very labour intensive job but also very rewarding once completed! I would always say give it a go and if you find it too difficult then we can always do the hard work for you.

Unsanded Scaffold Boards

Sanded Scaffold Boards

Just a few things to think about when purchasing a scaffolding board. Please let us know if we can help you further with your project.

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