FAQ - Why Do Scaffold Boards Have End Bands?

FAQ - Why Do Scaffold Boards Have End Bands?

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What are end bands?

End bands are the strips of metal at the end of each scaffold board. They are usually made from galvanised steel and held in place with clout nails. They feature on both ends of a scaffold board and have a variety of functions, as we'll explain below.

Here at The Scaff Shop we sell both original and new versions on our site here. We include seven copper clout nails to give a really stylish finish.

Why are they used?

The primary function of end bands is to protect the end of the scaffold board. The end grain of the board is particularly vulnerable to being knocked and split, so the end band helps protect from this sort of impact.

In addition to this, they also hold certain vital safety information about the scaffold board. The band will advise the max safe support for each board (usually every 1.2m) and most importantly will advise if a board is graded to British Standards. These days, all scaffold boards must be graded to BS 2482:2009, which means they have met a strict set of requirements on strength, quality and safety. These are a higher grade than "grade A" boards, which are no longer allowed.

Although our boards are intended to be used decoratively, they all originate from BS graded stock, so you can be assured that they are the best of the best in terms of quality.

Do we remove the end bands as standard?

When buying most boards from The Scaff Shop, unsanded or sanded, we tend to remove the bands for you. This is because most people find them quite tricky to take off (the bands can be quite tightly nailed and difficult to remove) so we like to remove them as standard to save our customers time.

We're also tending to sell boards less than full length (13ft) so of course have to cut the board at one end, and often we're sanding them for customers too which would not be possible with the end bands in place.

How can I get them?

The good news is that we do sell them as a separate item and at a very low cost, just 99p per band, and this includes seven copper nails. Just click here to see our end bands.

We have two different options, original used end bands, or brand new "Scaff Shop" end bands. The originals are removed from scaffold boards so will need flattening out somewhat when fixed to a board again. This can be done fairly easily with a hammer.


Original Scaffold Board End Bands

Why might I wish to add them back on to a finished board?

The main reason to add them back on to a finished board is because they look great! The metal contrasts really well with the wood and gives a really authentic, industrial finish. Our new versions look really sharp, particularly against sanded and oiled finishes, whereas our used/reclaimed versions give a really rustic finish.

Add them for some extra effect, or leave the end grain out and proud - at the end of the day, the choice is yours. We love seeing our boards however you style them, as they always look great either way!

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