Introducing New and Reclaimed Pallet Wood to The Scaff Shop

Introducing New and Reclaimed Pallet Wood to The Scaff Shop

Posted by Tom Pepper on

Scaffold Boards are awesome, but pallet wood ain't bad either!

As I talked about in the last blog post, reclaimed scaffold boards have always been our main focus at The Scaff Shop. We love their versatility and appearance, and how they suit so many different projects. But many of you have been scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram and if, like us, your feed consists mostly of project made from reclaimed wood (don't pretend it doesn't), then you'll notice another similar type of wood creeping in.....

That's right, I'm talking about pallet wood!

Another trusty timber that's used all over the world

Pallet wood is like the scaff board's little sibling. It arguably has a far wider usage in it's original form, and is found not only on building sites but also the world over on shipping routes and in warehouses. We all know a pallet when we see one, and if you have found your way to this blog then you are probably also someone who sees a pallet and thinks "I wonder if that's going spare, I could make all sorts with that...".

Well luckily you don't need to go wandering round building sites or poking about in skips any more (seriously though, who throws this stuff away??), as we are now selling pallet wood both new and old and at wonderfully low prices - just take a look here.

You might notice at the time of writing this that only the new stuff is in stock, this isn't an error, we're just finalising supply on the reclaimed wood. But I was too excited about it to hold off on this blog so.....

Our usual attention-to-detail, guaranteed

As usual, we carefully hand-select all boards so that you can have peace of mind that they'll reach you as a reclaimed, full of character, yet usable bit of timber. We make sure that the boards are paint free, and any nails are either removed or cut off level with the timber. This doesn't of course apply to the new boards we sell which will never have been nailed.

So many uses...

Pallet wood is just as versatile as a scaffold board. It can be used for cladding, furniture, or shelving, as well as all sorts of hand-made projects like mirrors, coasters and more. Just go on Etsy, Pinterest, or Instagram and you'll see countless ideas. The great thing about it is that it's easy to work with, so it is brilliant for anyone, from the amateur woodwork or DIYer to the experienced maker.

All sorts of sizes and options

As with our scaffold boards, we offer a number of size, sanding, and other options. On the new pallet wood we go all the way from 1ft to 16ft, with lengths up to 4ft on the reclaimed wood. Best of all, you can buy as little as one board or hundreds from us and we'll courier deliver them to you, so no matter how bug or small your project is, we can help.

We will also soon be offering both new and reclaimed pallet wood sanded either by hand or machine, and oiled too if required. On top of this we will have our range of "specials" where we can scorch and/or dye the wood, providing an eye-popping effect that will look incredible in any setting.


Just have a browse here or get in touch ( if you have any questions at all. We would love to hear from you.

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